These extraordinary volunteers and professionals that include conservationists, outdoor enthusiasts and wildlife specialists make it possible for Conservation Mag to make a difference by driving environmental change.

Adriaan Buys, PhD

Founder at ConservationMag, advocating expansive conservation management strategy in a world of short term human needs. Research consultant & lecturer.

Clifford Roberts

As a fulltime writer since the 1990s, Clifford curses and cultivates his short attention span and insatiable curiousity. Lately, he’s occupied with agriculture, the liquor industry, travel and playing the ukelele.

Daire Carroll

Daire is a PhD student living in Scotland. He studies how plants interact with beneficial bacteria and have an MSc in conservation from Kew Gardens and BSc in plant Science from Trinity College Dublin.

Diane McLeish

Diane is a freelance writer and lives in Kenya on the shores of Lake Naivasha in the Great Rift Valley. She has travelled extensively especially in sub Saharan Africa.

Dr Duncan MacFadyen

Dr Duncan MacFadyen, Head of Research and Conservation at Oppenheimer Generations. The research department supports, funds and facilitates national and international researchers.

Fiona McIntosh

Fiona McIntosh is a freelance travel writer who lives on the slopes of Table Mountain. An avid hiker, rock climber, and scuba diver, she adventures all in the name of work.

Jay Caboz

Jay has worked for Business Insider & Forbes Africa, is a freelance journalist and photographer passionate about the outdoors, travel and landscape photography

Kimberley Graham

Kimberley is an environmental sustainability advisor and a researcher in international environmental law, with a focus on the international protection of endangered wildlife, gender equality and climate.

Oscar Mullineux

Oscar is a freelance writer with a love for the natural world. He has a degree in Ecology & Conservation and is always looking to learn more and share knowledge

Patricia Kissane

After swapping the fast paced Jozi corporate train for Kleinmond. I love hiking in the Cape Floral Kingdom. I have a special interest in TP Stokoe and hoping to find the scarce Mimetes Stokoe.

Renee Leeuwner

Renée is the Media Executive at the Two Oceans Aquarium. She believes that ensuring the future of our planet is a group effort and aims to inspire people, and awaken a sense of responsibility towards our oceans.

Ruby Khan

Ruby is an environmentalist and a freelance writer based in Pakistan. She has a passion for the conservation and raising awareness for climate change issues. Ruby holds a masters in environmental science.

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